• Paroles de : "Be yourself" - Album "We are One" -

    "Be yourself"

    Have you ever wondered?

    When you wake up in the morning

    Where do they come from your dreams?

    Have you ever wondered how come ?

     You’re so into fashion

    And why you always want to be the

    Same as the girl in the magazine ?


    On the street, on the net, on TV

    All we see is superficiality

    But you are born to show your purity

    How do you find the answer ?

    If you keep living

     In a world of virtuality?


    Try to be yourself

    Try to be real

    Better than be an image of you

    Feel free to be yourself

    Oh be yourself

    There’s no need to become someone else.


    Have you ever listened?

    Like the wind the voice of silence

    That shines so deep in your heart

    Have you ever listened?

    The wave of your desire

    That forces you to sell your soul?


    Open your eyes to reality

    Like it’s the first time you can see

    Today you feel the seeds of love

    Growing in out and above.


    Lyrics by Laura Cortes – Cyrille Gordigiani