• Paroles de Halleluiah - Album "We are One" -



    I want to know who I am

    Every day is like a mystery

    We are playing all the same game

    And at the end who has the victory?


    We’re all living in a promised land

    But we are so proud to believe

    Everyone needs a helping hand

    To change his dreams into reality


    Now that the world is in change:


    Singing halleluiah

    I am grateful for all that I am

    Singing halleluiah

    I can feel now that love is the flame

    Singing halleluiah

    I am thankful for all I don’t have

    Singing halleluiah

    I have nothing to lose but I’m no longer a slave


    I want to find harmony

    Desire leads us to control

    All the oceans, the forests and the earth

    But at the end

    We’re far away from ‘home”

    Living like a butterfly

    Without thinking about tomorrow

    We are often wasting our time

    The waking up will bring so many sorrow



    Lyrics : Laura Cortes and Cyrille Gordigiani