• Paroles de " We are One" - Album "We are One" -

    We are One

       Imagine, together all in one world

    United all in One heart

    One nature, human

    All as One

    We are One, One…


    One nation living in freedom

    See the world as you want it to be

    In joy in love in peace

    We are one, we are one, we are one,

    One in Harmony.


    Imagine all the children smiling

    Feeling all the same way

    True colours of freedom

    All as one, we are One, One…


    One rainbow shining in the blue sky

    singing for our Mother Earth

    In joy in love in peace..

    We are One

    We are One

    Ohh, we are One

    All in Unity…


    Auteurs : Cyrille Gordigiani / Laura Mihaila

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