• Paroles de "We can change the world" - Album "We are One" -

    "We can change the world"


    Walking on the way of compassion

    I look in my brothers’ faces but I only see their shadows…

    I look in the mirror I’m one of them

    How can I change myself, how can I change them?

    Where is the Light of their souls, where can I find that sparkle?


    The raindrops are falling down like the teardrops of the Earth

    Look what we’ve done to her, oh look what we’ve done to her!


    We can change the world, we can save Mother Earth

    If you want to see in your life all the beauty

    Look inside yourself and you’ll find the key

    To open the door of your destiny


    In my dreams the same story …

    Where is our Humanity?

    Where is the wind of wisdom?

    To live in Purity ?

    In my dreams a new story

    Wake up humanity

    The truth is universal,

    The future is spiritual!


    Changing ourselves will change the world…

    Changing yourself will change your world….



    Lyrics & Music by Laura Cortesa – Cyrille Gordigiani